Do I Need a Business License in Baltimore County?

Doing business in Baltimore County requires that many industries have permits or licenses to operate. A business license is essential for most businesses, including retailers and wholesalers, while a merchant license is necessary to buy and resell products. Additionally, you or the professionals you hire may need individual occupational and professional licenses. It's important to check at the state and local levels to ensure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides online learning programs to help small business owners understand the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses. The Baltimore County Code contains the most common Baltimore City permits and licenses that a business may need. For additional information on the county's animal laws, visit the Baltimore County Animal Service. If you wish to sell food products or merchandise of any kind on any street in Baltimore City, you must obtain a vending machine license granted by the Circuit Court Clerk of the county where the vending machines are located.

Similarly, a street vendor or traveling vendor who sells products while traveling from one place to another on foot or by vehicle must obtain a traveling vendor license from the appropriate Circuit Court clerk to sell or offer to sell any product in Maryland. Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses provides downloadable and fillable PDF forms for various Baltimore County licenses and permits. The Residential Parking Permit Program reserved for the disabled, in accordance with the People with Disabilities Act (ADA), provides disabled citizens of Baltimore City (who qualify for this service) with housing that is more accessible to the communities in which they live. The Small Business Administration and Maryland Business Express provide templates and resources to help entrepreneurs get started. More than 11,000 volunteer executives and business owners donate their time and experience as business advisors through SCORE Greater Baltimore, a nonprofit association dedicated to business education and the formation, growth, and success of small businesses. Baltimore County works with many business development organizations to help you connect with the right people. The Baltimore County Public Library offers a wide variety of resources to help you research your target market and demographics.

Additionally, if you are sponsoring an event in Maryland, you must obtain proof of insurance coverage from your sponsor and submit it to do business in the state. Baltimore County is proud to have one of the best small business resources in the state of Maryland. To determine if you need a license to operate in Baltimore County, contact the Baltimore County Circuit Court Clerk or the Maryland Comptroller's Licensing Office.

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