Grow Your Business in Baltimore County: Resources and Financial Incentives

Are you looking to establish, expand, or improve your business in Baltimore County? The Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) is a free service that provides expert advice and assistance to help you succeed. In addition, the county offers a variety of direct funding programs and tax credits to encourage investment and job creation. Read on to learn more about the resources available to help manage your business in Baltimore County. The SBRC provides Small Business Administration (SBA) services, including funding programs, counseling, federal contracting certifications, and disaster recovery.

They can also connect you with partner organizations, lenders, and other community groups that help small businesses thrive. The Advanced Technology Loan Fund offers loans to technology-based companies and those that purchase technological equipment. The Boost Loan Fund program provides access to capital for small businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Business growth loans are direct loans or loan guarantees for new or expanding industrial or commercial enterprises. Maryland Business Express offers a comprehensive licensing portal with information about the permits and licenses you may need to start, relocate, or expand a business in Maryland. In partnership with Baltimore County, qualified institutions can create rental assistance programs for businesses moving to their designated area.

The list of financial incentives for Maryland businesses can be filtered to fit your specific business needs. Family businesses and national retail chains are neighbors and offer shopping and entertainment experiences throughout the county. In addition, the county can help you access state, federal, and private funding for new and expanding businesses. Search for a specific address or download a map to see if your company's location is within a designated area of Baltimore County. Tax credits are available to help new businesses invest in property and create jobs, as well as help existing businesses expand and grow. Baltimore County is an ideal place to start or grow your business.

With the resources available through the SBRC and other organizations, you can get the support you need to succeed. Take advantage of the direct funding programs and tax credits offered by the county to make your business dreams a reality.

Lorene Bergener
Lorene Bergener

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